Project Planning Meeting

August 18, 2004



Meeting Objective:      



Project Motivation:


Inability of agency chief information officers (CIOs) to respond effectively to myriad vendors and other proponents of technology components -- particularly those which are new, innovative, and perhaps untested and unproven in practical application.


Desired Outcomes:





Through the application of open, reusable, standards-compliant, Web-based, XML-enabled service components, communities of practice (CoP) will be enabled to more easily identify themselves for collaboration around proposed ET components.


Deliverables & Timeline:



Roles & Responsibilities:



Logistical Issues:



*The end outcome as far as the role of the ET S/C is concerned is a determination of the technical viability of proposed ET components.  At that point, the responsibility for further consideration of the practicality and economic feasibility of each component would pass to: a) individual agencies, b) groups of agencies as CoPs, and c) the Components Subcommittee with respect to components that are candidates for use by many agencies or Governmentwide.