Standard: XFA (Extensible Forms Architecture)

Sponsor: JetForm Corporation

Description: XFA is a proposed standard "architecture" for highly structured electronic documents (E-forms) used to gather and process data for entry into databases. It is somewhat broader than XFDL and provides for the separation of the "data" from its presentation.

Relationship to Records Management: See XFDL.

Problems/Issues/Weaknesses: The separation of the data from its presentation at any point in the business process may be a matter of concern with respect to records management. The W3C, and other specialists whose focus is on the technology rather than the information and the requirements of the business processes, may not be sensitive to the requirements for records management, as specified in DoD 5015.2.

See also XFDL.

Closely Related Standards: XFDL, XML, XForms, and DoD 5015.2

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