Standard: DMA (Document Management Alliance)

Sponsor: AIIM International (Association for Information and Image Management)

Description: DMA is a comprehensive standard for interoperability among electronic document management systems (EDMSs).

Relationship to Records Management: Failing to use an EDMS is tantamount to deciding not to manage E-records as public assets. Failing to use DMA-compliant EDMSs is tantamount to using proprietary software that may not be interoperable with other EDMSs.

Problems/Issues/Weaknesses: Vendors have incentives to market proprietary products. The standard is complex and relatively few vendors have produced DMA-compliant EDMSs. Agency decision-makers are insensitive to the need for interoperability among EDMSs.

Closely Related Standards: ODMA, DoD 5015.2, WebDAV, and DASL

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